REAL Hip Hop DJ/Rapper/Producer 9th Wonder graced us with his presence and Baritone voice at the DragonFly with his new Protégé Rapsody who seems like a Black Female version of Eminem with conscious lyrics from the Zulu Nation. 9th Wonder started the show off by bangin’/mixin’ classic 90s Hip Hop joints from the Biggies to the Wus to the Nas to clearly define the era he stems from, as well as old school 70s R&B joints to the delight of the crowd, his signature Hip Hop/R&B mix. I was very surprised and enchanted by female MC Rapsody who’s a true lyricist that can hold her own amongst the best of her male peers, her flow, lyrics and delivery are incredible, and she goes from sexy to conscious to funny to straight battlin’. Great show!

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