The Bhakti Fest was well-organized and secure without numerous restrictions. As the name of the festival suggests, Indian lifestyle and religions (Hinduism) were the primary focus of the festival with acts such as Krishna Das, Deval Premal, MC Yogi, and Prema Hara though there were invitees such as Malian singer Salif Keita (Mali), American reggae artist Matiyashu and other Sufi Muslim traditional bands. World music and traditional instruments were definitely emphasized with each act. There were also various Yoga workshops all-day long at different stages to the delight of the attendees. The desert climate was mild (78-89 degrees F) and there was ample space for campers. The food selection was excellent especially for health-conscious vegetarian and raw vegan eaters with food vendors who accommodated everyone including traditional American food eaters. There were also numerous art and clothing vendors from across the country who also carried various imported items. The festival was a definite success and went all day and night long with eclectic DJs such as DJ Dredz entertaining dance crowds at night at the main stage.

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