PAFF opening night was star-studded and featured the Black Panther – Vanguard of The Revolution cast including its executive producer Stanley Nelson and original Black Panthers Mohammed Mubarak and Michael McCarthy. In attendance were also Black celebrity actors Isaiah Washington, Loretta Divine and Jimmy Jean-Louis who attend every year. The lovely Seraya McNeil of the new popular Fox show “Empire” was also in attendance. The documentary relates the impact the Black Power movement had on American Society since its inception in the late 60s, its history and struggles. The documentary provides much valuable information about its most pivotal members Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver and Fred Hampton to name a few and their stand-offs on the streets with the police, the CIA and armed protests at Congress halls. The Black Panther Movement’s history is rather impressive especially because of its members’ relative young ages (17-25), their political awareness and level of education, as well as their roles in protecting (Vigilante) and feeding the community of Oakland.

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