image   The “City of God – 10 years later” documentary produced by Carla Osorio focuses on the post-movie lives of the actors in the classic Brazilian movie “City of God” directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund. The documentary is somewhat similar to the movie as it takes place in the slums called favelas where most of the actors still reside. Though the movie is critically-acclaimed worldwide with numerous awards and oscar nominations, the main actors such as Leandro Firmino (Li’l Ze) and Alexandre Rodrigues (Rocket) still live in the favelas and are still confronted to the struggle, poverty and crime of these areas. Now adults, some of the actors such as Douglas Silva (Li’l Ze as a child) are now living their lives as parents who must fend for their families but luckily starring in the subsequent TV series “City of Men”. Meanwhile, Alice Braga (Angelica) has starred in blockbusters such as “I am Legend” with Will Smith and Elysium with Matt Damon while Seu Jorge (Mane Galinha) a talented singer/rapper is enjoying local as well as international success. Therefore, the movie served as a stepping stone to some but also as a new burden to others who suffer being typecasted or not being able to find regular employment as they’re now associated with acting due to the popularity of the movie, considering most of them were amateurs shooting their first movie. The documentary gives us a glimpse of the harsh realities brazilian actors endure daily not only because of their profession but also because of their race, it also triggers mixed emotions linked to humor, hope, sadness, despair and success.

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