This documentary is released 20 years after Nas’ first album release “Illmatic” considered one of the best Hip Hop albums of all-time. It focuses on Nasir Jones’ upbringing in the Queensbrige housing projects and how his childhood environment and parents’ background influenced his mind state at the time and thereby the lyrics of this classic album. Nas relates how his successful aims were to paint a vivid picture of NYC street life and put Queens “back on the Map” after one of its pioneering MCs “MC Shan” was “defeated” by “KRS ONE” from the South Bronx. The documentary also emphasizes his success as he’s considered one of the greatest of all-time. Nas, a high-school dropout, is not only enjoying commercial success but has also been embraced as a writer and poet by his contemporaries and by renowned academic institutions such as Harvard. This documentary is a must-see for any avid or moderate Hip Hop fan.

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