This event was organized to pay tribute to one of the best Hip Hop Lyricists ever Sean Price aka Sean P, half of Heltah Skeltah and member of the Boot Camp Clik…Rest in Peace! The event featured a DJ who played classic Sean P and East Coast tracks throughout  the night (9pm-4am) and various local MCs also performed. There was a food caterer, vendors with Sean P apparel and CDs as well as an outdoor projector displaying the Brooklyn/Brownsville rapper videos. The Hip Hop venue, located in Chinatown, was punctuated with graffitis and offered a Basement-like/Underground atmosphere with an East Coast flavor enhanced by the DJ’s tracks. All proceeds from the event will go to the deceased MC’s family. Sean Price was an enigmatic real MC with lyrical skills who never compromised his music and was never afraid to speak his mind. Hip hop has suffered a great loss and he will most surely be missed.

Donations can be made to Sean Price’s family via this Duck Down Music sponsored link:

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