If you weren’t at Ankara Festival Los Angeles 2015, you missed out on a wonderful cultural experience delving into different parts of Africa with high-end and ready-to-wear fashion, amazing dancers, musicians, food and most of all: BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN PEOPLE IN BEAUTIFUL ANKARA CLOTHING. The melanin was definitely on fleek and so were all of the ankara prints and patterns. The energy in the atmosphere was on a higher vibratory plane than any other fashion show. You were first introduced to the show by flags from different African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya. Seeing the different flags drew a sense of pride. For the fashion show, down the runway was an eclectic mix of models and designers such as Sania Josiah, Kabeh Ojo, Treasure Eutopia, Fantabela and Tinz, my favorite line which consisted of well tailored suits for men and modernized shirt dresses for women all in Dashiki print, everything in the line you wanted to have in your closet. In between some segments, the house was rocked by rhythmic beats and lyrics from African music artists such as Meaku. The crowd was also entertained by dancers shaking it to the drum beat like only our people know how. There were also a couple of comedy skits, one in which was a “Coming to America” themed skit that involved twins. The most amazing part of the show was the energy and the people, proud African people shining bright in every aspect, like always. It was a very well-organized journey that you didn’t want to end. The next Ankara Fest will be in New York, in May 2016! Will you be there? I know I will!

Batani Khalfani, reporter and photographer for Wolof Times.

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