The 2015 Joshua Tree Music Festival located near the Joshua Tree National Park was a colossal triumph, with the desert campground of less dense forests, bare rocks, lake with fauna as a backdrop. This was a weekend for dancing, conscious consumption, broadening, purging and enjoyment. This Music Festival celebrated the diversity and energy of art, crafts, bass, genres, sampled loops, echo-percussions and interactive stretching. Its vibrational frequency injected fire and sentiment into every soul vigorously holding attention until the very last serenade. The Festival presented Yoga, Chakra cleansing with essential oils, tuneful lyrists, soul catching rhythms and art work. Timbuktu State Art by Aly Kourouma (Senegal) displayed creations and illustrated dips of Afrocentric allegory. Timbuktu State’s oeuvre canvas paintings welded texture and bold mix of empowering abstracts. The music line-up was chockfull of musicians, one of the top liners being Daby Toure also from Senegal.

imageSuch a celestial voice, masterful guitar work and catchy melodies. From the first time hearing Daby Touré- the heart lud dubs along, head nodding to guitar and souls entrenched by the melodic hooks. Selections traveled to relationships, family, freedom, peace heaven, continents and cultures. Daby’s lyrics showcased sincerity, such an universal vibe. Easygoing pop fusion style!! He pinned ears back in the crowd. Great festival jam-packed of melodious vibrations skyrocketing the ethers.

Aminah Tolbert is a worldwide reporter and photographer, for Wolof Times.

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