Vedas (noun; plural): The most ancient Hindu scriptures from the Vedic period in India; written in early Sanskrit and containing philosophy and guidance on ritual.

Mela (noun; Sanskrit): A meeting, an assembly, a cultural fair, a spiritual gathering.

Veda MeLA is a unique celebration of the massive modern emergence of arts and sciences inspired by the Vedas. Blossoming in the cultural hub of Downtown Los Angeles, Veda MeLA creates an unparalleled educational, inspirational, and safe space for the burgeoning subculture of Yogis and Vedic enthusiasts to explore, learn, and grow on every level.


Globally-celebrated speakers, authors, yogi(ni)s, and social change activists
Beyond-introductory topics in Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Vastu, Mantra, Meditation, and Yantra
In-depth 1.25-hour workshops and yoga classes
3-hour immersions with master teachers
A schedule that supports ease in the experience
Open concerts during workshop breaks
An energetically-aligned and beautiful venue with fantastic exhibitors
100% of net profit from our incredible fundraising events go directly to YogaGivesBack and Mother Om Mission!

You may get more info and purchase tickets here:

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