The 24th Pan African Film Festival as usual boasted an interesting variety
of movies and documentaries from Africa and the Diaspora, mainstream as
well as independent. This festival is crucial in giving filmmakers and
actors from Africa and the Diaspora international exposure, especially
since it’s based in Los Angeles. The films featured annually play a key
role in informing the local masses about African History, cultures as well
as derived cultures in the Diaspora. The Black Experience is at the
forefront of the festival to keep the attendees informed about political
and social issues that affect Black Folks worldwide, so as to further
create or strengthen the bond between Africa and its diaspora. Through
documentaries such as “A Ferguson story” and “They don’t a give a damn”
which touch upon on the current state of racial relations and segregated
housing in America. As well as “Queen Nanny” which relates the story of the
powerful Jamaican national figure who helped keep her people free by
eluding and defeating the British Army in the treacherous mountains of
Jamaica. Other key movies such as “The Violin teacher” relate the
experience of a Black violin teacher, who in his own struggle of achieving
his musical dreams of being part of the Brazilian National orchestra,
helps impoverished children in the Favelas cope, strive and succeed through
learning music; Ayanda from South Africa showcases a talented cast of
actors and relates the struggle of a young girl striving to keep her
deceased father’s mechanic shop running, amidst corruption, heartbreaks and

The Pan African Film festival also featured African Art, clothing and craft
through local and international vendors who occupied the nearby Baldwin
Hills Crenshaw Plaza mall section. These vendors were able to showcase
their art via the fashion show which was accompanied by traditional African
drumming. The drumming by local artist Kwesi Williams provided a more authentic ambiance to the event.





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