Photo courtesy of Sandra Goodin Photography, featuring Aminah Tolbert of Wolof Times and Carmen Curtis, founder of AIREAL Yoga and also former NCAA gymnastics champion (UCLA).

Ever felt anything more potent than a woman’s touch? 2016 SHAKTI West
Festival in Joshua Tree celebrated affinity, totality, rebirth, cosmos
and reverence touch of the Divine Feminine. Being in the bhav inhabits
the human body as a sacred vessel, enthralling curio paths to
self-love. Workshops, practices, restorative sessions at Shakti
collaborated cutting-edge artists, chants from the heart, or kirtan,
soul-centered yoga, caverns of souls unleashing passion for the
eclectic similes of Shakti. Each appearing artist or teacher offered
sensational journeys into their intimate world of stories. To capture
a few, Tantra Workshop leader Dawn Cartwright advocates “we are the
ecstasy we’ve been longing for all our lives.” AIReal Yoga founder,
Carmen Curtis honored “excellent way to grow yoga practice while
feeling safe.” This modality of yoga knows no bounds, surrendering
body in movements and trusting support of the flow. Both these leaders
as well as all the Shakti artists reminded patrons Divine Feminine
quite inebriating, safely empyreal about opening spirits and
transcending limitations. Soul-centered yoga, chanting, mantra, music,
meditation, hot-soaking, sound baths, tantra and/or ecstatic sunset
dance concluded in lightning rods of contention! Shakti is the growth
edge that amenably welcomes insights, divine feminine and support
endless possibilities simultaneously relaxing and broadening horizons.
Feed your soul, meet other avid yogis or Shakti supporters…and perhaps grab a soul signature of your favorite lineup. Return home with
ultimate inspirations, fresh voices, and new lenses to carry one
through to BHAKTI.

Aminah Tolbert is a Worldwide reporter and photographer for Wolof Times.


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