Angelique Kidjo performed differently this time around in Los Angeles, in
the more intimate setting of the Luckman Theater which was at
full-capacity. This concert was acoustic as she only utilized a guitar
player, and local drum phenomenon Magatte Sow (Djembe, Sabar & Congas) who
always tours with her when needed. Angelique Kidjo was mostly interacting
with the audience, speaking about her childhood in Benin, musical
influences and humanitarian work (UNICEF, Amnesty International etc…).
She also discussed her humble beginnings as an expatriate musician in
Europe where she was discovered by world renowned music mogul Chris
Blackwell of Island Records, prior to moving to America and becoming a US
citizen. The beloved singer displayed her high octave voice range and sang
in three different languages including her native Fon, English and French,
much to the delight of the diverse crowd. She sang her first childhood song
and own classics, as well as others by musicians that influenced her,
including James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Celia Cruz. This concert was a
success and gave us a glimpse of who Angelique Kidjo is as a human being.


Thank you Nnamdi Moweta of Radio Afrodicia (KPFK,  90.7FM) for sharing this picture.


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