Artwork of Intimacy: Bhakti West Festival 2016

Embrace transformation, for it is, always have been and always will remain the only constant in existence. Veritable juxtapositions of workshops, sessions, yoginis and art at Bhakti West Festival in Joshua Tree junctures liberated elements in life…fire, air, earth, water combined with an ethereal zephyr! Such a gust of unifying wisdom and creation reclaiming vibrancy using rituals, sacred chants, meditation, psychology, kirtans, deep yoga(s), health and plant/teacher remedies. Innumerable leaders of service getting up close and personal in ancient culture like Swami Premodaya (founder of I-CODA International Centers of Divine Awakening), Shine Rilling (Peace Sticks), Guy Douglas (master Sound Healing Practitioner/Gongmaster) and Michael Brian Baker (The Breathwork Center) tunes up the collective light of festival guests. In Swami’s words “Life is a Free Fall!” Bhakti offers freefalls to fly; a breathtaking festival toward peace & a life of more meaning. Every act and shift of energy promotes new adventure; zapping energy from exhausted to unstoppable charges to move one through the remainder of the year.

Aminah Tolbert is a reporter/photographer for Wolof Times.


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