Kenya won the Los Angeles Marathon for the second time in three years, with Elisha Barno and Hellen Jepkurgat respectively placing first in the men’s and women’s events in two hours, 11 minutes and 52 seconds and two hours, 34 minutes and 23 seconds. Barno defeated three Kenyan countrymen: 2015 winner Daniel Limo, Willy Koitile and 2016 Los Angeles Marathon champion Weldon.


I was fortunate to participate in this Marathon, both as a runner and a reporter, for the second time since 2015 and beating my previous time by 16 minutes. This Marathon allows me to rediscover by running foot the beautiful city of Los Angeles and iconic surrounding areas: Pasadena, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Brentwood, before finally crossing the Finish Line on scenic Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.

Bunaama Diagne is an Editor/Reporter for Wolof Times.


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