Lee Scratch Perry was backed by the SubAtomic Sound System from NYC led by Emch who opened up for him before he actually joined the stage. Emch incorporated a Nyabinghi drummer, bassist and female background singers in his ensemble and plays the Melodica “Augusto Pablo” style. They opened up the show with classic 70s Dub tracks from King Tubby, Augusto Pablo and Lee Scratch Perry of course. Lee Scratch Perry showed up dressed very eccentrically as usual, which is his trademark. His red suit and hat spoke eloquently of his artistry, cultural background and beliefs by way of the Lion of The Tribe of Judah, paintings and jewelry. Lee Perry played some tracks from his 2003 Grammy-winning album ET as well as Dub Reggae Foundation 70s classics such as “Judgement in Babylon/One Drop” and tracks he produced for the late great Bob Marley such as “Sun is shining”. This was an original Dub Reggae performance which showcases the Reggae tracks and their compositions as opposed to a traditional Reggae show where vocals are predominant. The connoisseur crowd was delighted with the presence and energy of one of Reggae’s founders in Lee Scratch Perry, one of the last remaining building-blocks who stands the test of time along with Burning Spear.

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