Make sure you attend the Pan African Film Festival at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza during Black History Month.

People from around the globe gather to attend the largest Black film festival in the United States. From a 100 million dollar blockbuster premiere to newly emerging Hollywood talent, The Pan African Film & Arts Festival (PAFF) showcases a broad spectrum of Black creative works from all over the globe, particularly those that reinforce positive images and help to destroy negative stereotypes.
Nowhere else can audiences find this unique opportunity to come together through film and art to explore new worlds, meet new people and acquire new information and ideas, only at PAFF!

You may obtain more info by visiting the website: https://www.paff.org


My husband and I are currently visiting his native Senegal from Philadelphia. On Christmas Eve, we had the opportunity to meet the world-renowned Ndongo D and Faada Freddy from The Daara J Family, right before their concert at the Daniel Sorano Theater in Dakar. Both artists are undeniably very spiritual and talented. Music is their weapon and they only use it to promote Peace & Love in the world. I was very excited to just converse with them and even while doing so, Faada Freddy couldn’t resist singing. Ndongo D was very “cool & calm” as most rappers are, and also so humble. We discussed many different topics including health and my favorite Daara J songs. Towards the end of the conversation, they both promised to put on the best show for their fans, which they accomplished to the fullest extent. The Daniel Sorano Theater was at full-compassity and tickets were sold out, the streets were also packed with cars. The concert could still be heard clearly outside by the fans who were unable to get in. The performance was nothing less than awe-inspiring, brilliant, cool, explosive and magnificent. When Daara J Family is in your city or near, you should definitely come out and show support. They are the Best! Their music is available on I-Tunes, Amazon and stores nationwide (USA).

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Khadijah Yayefall Ndiaye is a Reporter/Photographer for Wolof Times. All photo credits go to Moustapha N’Diaye.

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